Some Considerations You Might Have Missed for Your Shop Layout

busy market in Bangkok Thailand

A busy market has a different layout to a shop

All of us think we know essentially what a shop layout looks like – it’s basically a row of isles each of which should have items on it and each of which should be positioned logically in relation to the other aisles and items in the store.

Of course this is the basic ‘archetype’ of an office, but it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that it’s actually a fair bit more complicated than that and there are many other factors to consider and things that can work to make your shop layout more or less successful in getting people to stay and crucial getting them to buy your products.

Here we will look at how you can encourage people to shop in your store by being smart with your layout and at some of the considerations that often go unnoticed.

Hidden Items

One thing that many people don’t think to do when they’re organizing their store is to hide some of their items. Of course this goes unconsidered mainly in many cases because it’s so counter-intuitive – why would you want to hide your items rather than trying to get people to find them?

Actually though there are a lot of good reasons, and the main one is that if people spend time searching for an item in your store then they’re going to see a lot of your other items that they weren’t looking for in the process. If you have something you know people want, then hiding these somewhere is a good idea.

The Colour of the Walls

This might not seem like something that is particularly important, but in fact the colour you choose for your walls can and will have a big impact on the way people shop in your stores. If the colour is a neutral and placid one for instance then your visitors will be happier to spend more time in the store and to probably by more as a result. However if you use very loud and bright colours like reds and oranges then this can actually make people want to leave sooner meaning they’ll spend less. Reportedly this is why fast food stores using oranges and reds a lot in their colouring – because it increases turnover by making more space for the next customers.

The Shelves

You need to think long and hard about the shelves you use to display your items when you get your shopfitters in. Not only do you need shelves that will allow you to fill your space without creating too much empty space or making the space look too crowded, but you also need to ensure that your visitors can easily find what they’re looking for and reach it, and that your staff are able to easily arrange the items and do stock rotations.


You will have a lot of people passing through your store (hopefully) and no doubt milling around to find what they want. You need to account for this in your layout in order to ensure that your visitors can get past one another and to avoid health and safety issues.


The above guest post is written by freelance writer, Sarah Jones.
Photo courtesy of 123Rf

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