Freelance your heart out – a review…

Freelance your heart out
Kris Emery
2012, self-published

Thinking of heading into a freelance career?

There is a lot going for it – freedom of your days, you keep the profits you work hard for, satisifaction and no office politics or commuting.

Yet, there is also a large price to pay for the lifestyle.

Kris Emery takes you through her freelance journey in her new eBook, showing some of the pitfalls and mistakes she made and shares the lessons learned.

She writes quite honestly and in a friendly style so it is easy to keep reading, even if you are not a big business book fan :)

Because it is honest, the eBook shows that freelancing requires effort and dedication – it is not an easy ride, and it doesn’t suit everyone.

Despite a few stumbling blocks, it is simple to read and has some good ideas. This eBook is a great read for anyone considering moving into freelance, or having recently started a freelance business.

It also has some ideas for more experienced freelancers, but is more of a light read for this group.

The 25 tips are useful for anyone in freelance, although you have to relate the examples to your own expertise as Kris specifically covers her fields of transcription and translation.

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