What we can do together – our online power

The power of we has always been strong – our online world has often made that power more obvious, more influential and I guess more powerful.

links between blogs connect the world

links online connect the world

We have power online because today we can combine our voices in ways we couldn’t do in the past.

We can connect with new people to find a community of support and to raise a combined voice that is louder than our individual voices – think of people with a specific, uncommon interest or issue who would probably never meet in the real world but can find each other from across the world via the internet.

Bloggers acting together

Today is Blog Action Day.

Nearly 20,000 bloggers around the world are all blogging today on the same topic – the power of we.

Blog Action Day in itself is an example of the power of we – 20,000 people with diverse blogs, from different countries, using different languages, adding their own experiences and perspectives to discuss one important topic. Bringing awareness to their communities and influencing the world.

This year the theme is the power of we, but in the past topics have included water, food and climate change.

Think about the impact of thousands of bloggers sharing a message with thousands more. Together, bloggers can and do make a difference.

More power of we

There are many examples of how the power of we works , and how the internet, blogs and social media have enhanced that power.

With the connection of twitter, people in Egypt stood together and showed their government how they felt about things in their country. Alone, each person could do little; together they were heard.

Bloggers are having an impact on girls in Sierra Leone, too. Problogger wore a dress to a conference to raise funds and Love Santa will put Santa in a dress to get more girls into school. Many others are doing it in a dress, sharing the word (and pictures!) in blogs and other social media. Together we can get girls to school and change Sierra Leone for the better.

When a nasty radio DJ in Sydney insulted a journalist, people spoke out on the Change website – his advertisers pulled out and he had to apologise. People had a boundary and told him he crossed it. Phone calls from irate people would have had less impact in the past. Like advertisers pulled away from another DJ when he insulted the Prime Minister’s later father.

If you watch things like trends on twitter, you can see how people can increase the popularity of a topic. And how making people more aware of it gets it spread more – that is, once a topic trends, people talk about it more (this is what we talk about as ‘going viral’) and talk about the fact it is trending.

Sure on Twitter, many of the trends are about meaningless things, but sometimes, there is a trend because people make the effort to bring an issue to the fore. Like I expect BAD12 to trend today.

How will you use your power?

What online activities do you get up to? Can you use those activities to make a positive difference in the world?

What little thing will you do TODAY to build the power of we?


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