How to View a Property Super Thoroughly

Woman dreaming of the perfect house

Finding the home you dream of can be challenging

When we go to view a property to buy we will always start out with the best of intentions. We know this is a big important decision and a huge investment, and no doubt most people are very nervous doing so.

However while we might intend to view a property thoroughly, when we get there we tend to feel shy that we’re trespassing into someone’s home and their free time, and we kind of get swept up in the song and dance that the estate agents give us. As such it’s often difficult to get in all the questions and all the checks you want to get in, which is why we end up with hardly any memory of what we’ve seen and annoyed at ourselves for forgetting lots of questions.

Viewing a property in fact is an art and here we will look at how to make sure you get it right.

Take your time

This is the first and most important point to consider – that you should just be sure to take your time.

As mentioned lots of us feel almost guilty when we’re looking around a house and don’t want to intrude which means we’ll go round quickly. Of course though this is the wrong attitude – remember you’re about to give this person potentially thousands of pounds or dollars of your cash, so the least they can do is to spare an hour. If you’re booking multiple properties then book them far apart and don’t let the estate agent rush you either.

Take pictures

When you go to view a property this can feel like an exciting whirlwind and when you come out it’s almost like being shell shocked as you try to take in everything you’ve just seen.

Taking some photos as you go around then makes sure that you don’t forget anything important and means that you can check any details you’re struggling on and that you can better imagine what it might be like to live there.


When you’re in the property you aren’t just looking for any structural issues. At the same time you should also be thinking about how it will practically fit into your lifestyle and one of the best ways to do that is with some visualization.

Imagine this is your house and that you have to fit your furniture here – would you be able to? And would you be happy to show guests that this was where you are living now? And where would you spend your evenings? How would you decorate the living room?

These visualization exercises can make everything a lot more real and will help you to simulate living there so you do an almost ‘trial run’.

Write down questions

You should take with you a list of questions to ask the current owners/the estate agents. This way you’ll not forget any crucial points you wanted to mention and avoid coming out kicking yourself. It might seem over the top, but it’s a smart move.

Once you’ve done all this you will know that you’ve done at least all that you can do. Now just make sure you use the best professionals from the conveyancer to the surveyors to concur with you.


The above guest post is shared by real estate and property blogger, Jason William.
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How to Reduce Mess When You’re Getting Work Done On Your Home

clean streak on dusty florr

Dust is to be expected when building and renovating

Getting work done on your home whether it’s to have a room renovated or  to add a balcony is an exciting way to get more from your property and at the same time to increase the value and the your future profits.

However while it is a very good way to spend money on your home it can also be a very stressful and expensive one. One of the most stressful elements here is that you’re going to have so much mess in your home as things get stored around the house, as workmen walk around in their shoes, and as drilling and hammering creates inordinate amounts of dust.

You shouldn’t let this put you off however, as if you employ the best techniques it is possible to reduce this mess to make the whole experience a little less invasive. Here we will look at how to do this.

Have a spare room

Having a spare room is a very good way to make sure that you are able to clear the room where you are going to be working. This means you can remove the furniture for instance and that you can get rid of anything that’s preventing you from moving around freely. This is highly useful as otherwise all that spare furniture etc. will be strewn across the entire house creating chaos.


It might seem like a bit of a waste of time to clean your house just before all that plaster and dust is going to get everywhere, but actually doing so can be an effective way to reduce the total mess that you end up with. By dusting off surfaces this means you’ll have one layer of dust instead of two and because it will all be quite new at the end it will be easier to quickly clean it up.

Rent a skip

Using skip hire means you’ll have somewhere for workmen to put all of the waste materials and unwanted items that would otherwise have to be cleaned up right at the end. This could mean old furniture you don’t need from a room or it could mean sawn off branches and old tiles. Either way, renting a skip means they won’t be an eyesore or a tripping hazard.

Put down some covers

Getting a dust cover is a great idea before any development project. This way you can cover your floors to reduce the dust that ends up there, and at the same time you can prevent mud from getting walked into your carpet.

Speak with the workers

If you are still stressed about a mess being left in your property, then chat about it to your contractors. If you ask them nicely they can make arrangements like coming in through the back door, keeping doors to the rest of the house closed and even taking their shoes off when they walk through the house. Don’t be a afraid to sound anal, most will be happy to oblige.


The article is shared by Sarah Corris, a home improvement blogger.
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