It is easy to lose track as to what visitors to a website may expect. But, when this happens, then it creates the risk that the site will be lacking in the most critical features, that make a website one that is comprised of quality. By being aware of what visitors expect, it helps to keep the web builder on track. It is also undoubtedly essential, that those who are going to be building a website use all the resources that may be available to them.

Pertinent to the Business

Web builders often concentrate on the keywords that are going to get indexed so they can draw traffic to their site. What can happen, is that some keywords are so popular, that it is hard to compete against them. For example, the keyword golf is a very common, and highly competitive keyword. It is used on sports news sites, as well as many sites that are involved with this sport.

Another example is sports betting sites or e-commerce sites that sell golf related items. This creates a challenge for these types of sites. What they have to do, is be creative and find long-tailed keywords that are still pertinent to golf, but are not as popular. Using enough of these will allow the website to target the same market as the keyword “golf” would.


Another aspect of a quality website that gets forgotten about is the speed at which a user can move around the site. Visitors are impatient, and they want to be able to get around a website without having to wait for pages to load. This is something that the e-commerce sites have to be particularly careful about. These types of sites use a lot of images, and these images can really slow a page down. This becomes a source of frustration for the visitor, who will leave. This affects the bounce rate, which most of the major search engines are concerned about.

The bottom line is, visitors expect to have a good user experience, no matter whether they are visiting an entertainment website or any other kind of site.