Examples of Companies with an Amazing Business Culture

More and more companies around the business world have adapted to the new business model that veers off from the traditional solely profit-fueled approach. These structural changes refer to the development of the business culture where the emphasis is put on the individual worker and creating a functional workspace where people can thrive and make the most significant contribution to the company.

When we consider any company’s culture, we must consider its values, tradition, the way of doing business with clients, ethics, company mission, and goals. All these notions are what constitutes a company culture without which success won’t likely come.

The majority of companies have done some serious research and concluded that only a happy employee is a good employee, and only when an individual is pleased with the current position and the prospect of moving up the ranks can they give their absolute best. The approach is based on creating a working atmosphere where teamwork, mutual respect, and help is encouraged, and where community lies at the core of success.

This article will give an overview of some of the top companies whose business culture has placed them at the very top of the market.


PostImage ExamplesofCompanieswithanAmazingBusinessCulture Google - Examples of Companies with an Amazing Business Culture

This tech giant is one of the premier examples of how a company should be structured when it comes to employee satisfaction and overall success. Their business culture is not strictly governed by the sheer thirst for profit and market dominance but is more in tune with the total sense of satisfaction of their employees in their ordinary work days. Google’s corporate culture is centred around specific behavioral ideals to motivate workers and push them towards progress.

At Google, values such as openness, mutual rapport, innovation, and hands-on approach are bolstered. Regular training and workshops are organised to support their employees to further enhance their knowledge and improve their skills. By doing so, they might easily swap between divisions and move up the ranks. Also, company policies support the staff to enroll in different projects that might not even be from their division and thus establish new connections and relationships.

Even though we are talking about a company with thousands of workers, their activities and company culture resemble a family-like structure with strong communication and rapport.


PostImage ExamplesofCompanieswithanAmazingBusinessCulture Facebook - Examples of Companies with an Amazing Business Culture

Facebook has been the leader and undoubtedly the creator of social networking as we know it today. One of the main reasons for their massive success is their corporate culture. Here, the employees are supported on their journey to progress and, with continuous training they need to attend, they can develop the skills company needs.

Also, creative decision-making and problem-solving skills are emphasized and rewarded. Every member of the staff has the opportunity to win lucrative rewards provided they give a solution to a problem or make a significant improvement in the field of social networking and advertising. Also, employees are expected to be bold and take command of the situation. If a problem arises and you seem to know the answer, do not wait for senior official. Tackle the issue, prove your worth, and do it the Facebook way.


Even though companies remained focused on making a profit, it is good to know that people working there can be happy and that the companies around the world continue to improve the working environment.