The Best B2B Companies in the World

Business-to-business companies, or B2B companies are primarily focused on offering products and services to other companies, instead of consumers. They are often specialized in one area or another, for example, technology. Technology B2B companies are among the world’s most successful.

Unlike consumer companies which just offer goods to consumers, B2B companies have a bit more planning and strategy involved, depending on their market, smaller, medium or large businesses. Some companies have partnerships and are essentially performing B2B transactions regularly.

Here are the world’s most successful B2B companies.


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It is not really a challenge to guess that Microsoft would be among the world’s finest B2B companies. They offer anything from cloud computing to operating systems, both consumer and enterprise variants. They have offered these service for more than three decades, at least the operating systems.

Today they offer anything from consoles, video games, cloud computing services, operating systems and even their own lineups of laptops and tablets.


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People hear the name IBM and most often they recall their famous keyboard, the IBM Model M. Apart from that, people who are not in the tech industry and business in general have no idea what IBM does.

IBM stands for International Machines Business Corporation and they offer anything from software, hardware, middleware, consulting, hosting and anything related to mainframe computers. They are also one of the greatest research companies, having invented things we still use today like hard drives and DRAM.


The United Parcel Service, or UPS, is an international transport company. They operate all over the world and cover just over 220 countries. UPS is not known just for their transportation services, which are offered to both consumers and businesses alike, but for their positive impact on the environment, having over 100,000 vehicles using alternative fuel.


This is a German software company which makes software for companies and businesses. Their software is most often used to manage customer relations.

General Electric

This is a very large company or rather a conglomerate which operates in many segments like the digital industry, healthcare, lighting, oil and gas, aviation, power and renewable energy, and many more. The company was actually founded by Thomas Edison and other influential figures of the time. It was founded in 1892 by a merger of two companies.


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Intel is called a technology company but they are known for inventing the x86 microprocessor architecture. We still use x86 processors to this day. They are the second largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world, only next to Samsung.



Royal Dutch Shell

Royal Dutch Shell or most often, Shell, is a gas and oil company which is based in the Netherlands but operates in the entire world. Shell is active in all areas of the oil and gas industry.

These are the world’s most successful B2B companies, many of which are technology companies. That should be a pointer to anyone with a desire to start a B2B company in the recent future.