Are Foldable Smartphones the Future?

When Huawei unveiled their Mate X, people were excited, because only days earlier, Samsung unveiled their Galaxy Fold, a folding phone. A folding phone is just like a regular phone, except it weighs a bit more and can be folded into a tablet, albeit a smaller one. It is a cross between phones and tablets.

This is achieved through an OLED display which is by its nature foldable. There have already been displays on curved surfaces and they have yet to capture the interest of the public.

Samsung OLED display 300x123 - Are Foldable Smartphones the Future?

Are folding phones going to change that? Are they the future?

More than a Gimmick – A Phone and Tablet in One

Phones are useful because they are small and can fit in a pocket, most of the time. They can also do just about anything a personal computer can do, albeit slower and with less comfort for the user. Having a larger screen can help power users which do not want to carry a tablet alongside a phone. Getting rid of that inconvenience and putting two devices into one is a win-win situation.

phone tablet workspace 300x139 - Are Foldable Smartphones the Future?This doesn’t just benefit power users but also those who want to watch movies or any sort of media which would look better on a larger screen. Playing online games, streaming sports events or even just searching the net for new promo codes for betting is much more fun on a bigger screen. Having to charge one device instead of two, having less cables and still being able to use it as a regular phone and a tablet, is a great crossover, if not for the price.

The Price – One of the Downsides of Folding Phones

Since the two phones from Huawei and Samsung are bleeding edge technology, they cost a lot. So much, in fact that you could buy a flagship phone from either company as well as a flagship tablet. You wouldn’t have to fear about folding those to death, either.

iPhone 300x145 - Are Foldable Smartphones the Future?Bleeding edge technology always costs a lot of money, which is why only specific people will be able to buy them. Until the production costs go down and the price alongside that, many people will be skipping on folding phones as they do not make sense from a price to performance perspective.

OLED Displays – Old News

OLED displays are really old news as they have been on the market for 30 years, when talking about functional displays. OLED displays natively have some problems, like degradation of components. Their lifespan is at least half of what you can expect from other types of displays like TFT displays.

OLED displays also need better water sealing as any sort of water will damage the displays.

Folding phones might be the future, but you should probably wait awhile before purchasing such a device. They are either going to become mainstream or be a gimmick of 2019.