Top Startups Right Now – The Startups That Might Make it Big

start up business 300x227 - Top Startups Right Now - The Startups That Might Make it BigStartups are companies which have been established recently. They are often the pioneers in invention and business, in general. The reason for that is that most startups are founded by people who left another company. Often, people who leave larger companies start their own. In the tech industry, this can spawn some great products and businesses.

Here are some of the best startups which you can expect to become solid businesses.


The name is simple and effective, not to mention appropriate. Funded by crowdfunding, it is a cryptocurrency startup which aims to provide reporters a way to be independent. There are plenty of newsrooms which need assistance to give us the reports we have yet to see, which the mass media will ultimately put makeup on or plainly hide.

Journalists need resources and Civil aims to provide them with what they need. Civil had a funding of 5 million dollars, which should be enough to see it through the early days.


business work 300x226 - Top Startups Right Now - The Startups That Might Make it BigThis startup had a bit more money when they began their venture, 61 million dollars more, to be precise. What they aim to do is create an inbox to replace all inboxes. Imagine receiving messages from your email, mobile phone, Slack and even social media. That covers just about everything except other workspace-related software. You would still get notifications about messages from other software and sites, if you enable email notifications.

They are in the AI industry.


We all love ecommerce businesses, both for the sake of convenience of purchase and availability. You can order an item from very far away and have it delivered to you. But what if you could purchase the items at their wholesale price instead of the retail one? Boxed allows you to do just that but you are only sent a box, which costs 20 dollars. Filling the box with more than its value means free shipping.

This business was funded by many companies and they raised around 243 million dollars. They are currently still in business and while still considered a startup, have done a lot of work since their actual inception in 2013.

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More often than not, employers reach out to beginners as their employees. They also state that one of the reasons behind that is that employees are not fit or do not think themselves fit to join as a senior immediately.

Imbellus offers an answer to that, by training future employees for what they might expect at a higher positions, in just about every field. They received around 22 million dollars in funding.

Zume Pizza

success 300x300 - Top Startups Right Now - The Startups That Might Make it BigThey were already in the pizza business, yet they dedicated their attention to AI technology. At the moment, their pizzas are being made while being delivered, by an AI, no less. Automated ovens and a special robot do the work while the driver delivers the pizza to be to its destination.

They raised around 50 million dollars in 2016. In 2018, however, they got a hefty donation of 368 million dollars from SoftBank, a Japanese holding conglomerate. They are looking to expand their business to things other than pizza and to license their equipment.

These are the startups you should be looking to if you want to get an idea of how successful businesses are made, or if you want a job in a rising company.