Are Audiobooks the Solution for Busy Entrepreneurs?

Large companies need people with thoughts and a vision in order to succeed. Some of those people must do a lot of thinking and spend their time creating new ideas and putting them into practice. That requires many hours of a day, which leaves little to no time for reading. If commuting is necessary, then that leaves people with even less time. An hour in each direction and you already have two hours less in your day. Luckily, audiobooks are a plausible solutions. Could they also be a solution for entrepreneurs?

Audiobooks – Saviors of the Busy

headphones walk 300x273 - Are Audiobooks the Solution for Busy Entrepreneurs?Even people who have lots of free time discovered that it is better that they fill their already existing schedule with books, by listening to them. If you are going for a long walk, why not listen to an audiobook. If you are going on a workout, you can also bring an audiobook.

A workout may last anywhere from an hour to two, depending on your level of fitness and whether you need to commute or not. In other words, it is more than enough time for a person to listen to parts of an audiobook.

Can Audiobooks be a Distraction?

Audiobooks might distract you from what you are doing, if you focus too hard, but that shouldn’t be a problem because visually, you should still be present. When people read from their phones while walking or text while driving, their eyes are effectively off the road or pavement. In those moments, people bump into other people and cars, depending on the activity.

When listening to an audiobook, you do not have to divide your attention too much, as you would still be able to see everything around you, picking up the story with your ears.

Audiobooks Need a Little Getting Used to

books headphones 300x246 - Are Audiobooks the Solution for Busy Entrepreneurs?Many of us have read a book in our lifetime. Some have read lots of books. The act of reading is different from the act of listening. When reading, people are often in very comfortable positions and find themselves immersed.

People who have read a lot will need to learn to shift focus to their ears and still adapt to the environment around them. It is also a challenge, one that any entrepreneur should be willing to face.

Audiobooks Can Fill the Gaps

Many times, we hear something which we want to learn about in the future. For many people with busy schedules, that usually remains a desire or something they think of every once in a while. Audiobooks provide the solution, once more.

With modern technology like bluetooth headphones which are so lightweight that they are unnoticeable, audiobooks can be permanently available (provided that you charge the batteries on time).