The Internet is Changing the Online Gaming Industry

Things change, but the internet is changing them much faster than it was anticipated. Video games are probably the ones changing the fastest, as they are directly impacted by the changes in technology.

The world of video games is shifting and moving in a certain direction, but where exactly, is not really a mystery. Video games are shifting towards making use of the internet making everything connected. Here is how.

IoT 300x134 - The Internet is Changing the Online Gaming Industry

Everything is Connected – Cross-Platform Gaming

Video games are shifting so that they offer cross-platform compatibility. What that means is that you will no longer have separate games for consoles and the PC. Online games, specifically, will be using the same servers and players would be able to compete with people using other platforms to game on. Including mobile devices is much more difficult, but they are a marketplace of their own, at the moment.

Mobile Video Games –  A Continuing Trend

CANDY CRUSH SAGA 300x157 - The Internet is Changing the Online Gaming IndustryMobile games are selling very quickly and that is due to the internet. Everyone is connected and everyone has a mobile phone. People like video games and developers are shifting their content to mobile phones, as opposed to ten years ago, when PC and console development was the most important thing.

Multiplayer Games are Almost Essential

Companies have started to move from single-player games almost uniformly. Well, not all of them. Some still develop single-player games but which often include elements of multi-player possibilities or package them as both. The ASsassin’s Creed and Call of Duty series are a good example of this, not to mention the Grand Theft Auto series.

Esports titles are also taking over, with companies looking to develop new titles to compete with the already existing ones. People like Fortnite and Overwatch, so Apex Legends might be a nice and refreshing change, for a while at least.

Are Single-Player Games Dying?

eSports 300x200 - The Internet is Changing the Online Gaming IndustryMany people think that there will be no more single-player games but with at least 10 major releases every year, it does not look like they are going anyway. The internet is changing video games, but single-player ones still remain very lucrative. They can include a multi-player but are still single-player games at their core, as shown by their stories and over-tuned weapons or characters.

Free-to-Play with In-App Purchases Model

These types of games are often found on mobile devices, but also on the PC and consoles. Shooters are often like this. Many games follow this model, by offering customers a base experience, which is not enhanced by in-app purchases, but the visuals are, and characters can be better tuned to one’s liking, by purchasing character or weapon skins.

The internet is changing the way video games are created and the market is shifting towards absolute uniformity.