Low-Investment Business Ideas

Business thrives everywhere and to think that you need a huge capital to start your own would be a fallacy. People have started businesses from basically nothing but their own knowledge and desire to work and apply themselves.

You can also do that. Lacking the ideas, however, may be a problem. Here are some ideas to help you started on your next business venture.


streaming 300x206 - Low-Investment Business IdeasIf you have a computer, most likely the one you are using every single day to browse the internet, you probably have the means to stream. Modern computers are capable of streaming, albeit not all of them at the highest level of quality. That isn’t as important, as most streaming services like twitch.tv have caps on the bitrate of the videos, meaning that the extra bitrate you stream will be lost.

Streaming requires hard work and applying yourself. Two types of streamers usually get by, those with skill or those with entertainment capabilities. The most successful ones are the ones which have both. Building your own brand takes time and dedication, but it is a business which you can start at any time provided that you have a modern computer.


All those Duolingo lessons are about to pay off. On a more serious note, many people study more than one languages, especially the newer generations, which learn at least 2 new languages alongside their first language, from primary school and onwards.

transtating 300x183 - Low-Investment Business IdeasWith enough dedication, any language skills can be turned into a profession. Translators can earn a lot of money, provided that they find the right clients and that they find them consistently. There are multiple types of translators, from those working close to the law, to interpreters who translate speech fluently and frequently, simultaneously.

Ecommerce – Stores Make Money

If you have products you would like to sell, you could easily set up an ecommerce business. Your products can be homemade, handmade or machine-made, but if you can sell them, an online store is the way to go. It is easy to set up and you could reach many more people than by selling locally.

Online catalogs are cheaper versions of an online store, where you showcase your products. People order them and pay on arrival. This kind of service, however, has its cons, just like an ecommerce business.

Affiliate Marketing

analytics marketing online 300x153 - Low-Investment Business IdeasAffiliate marketing is something that could be profitable if you know how to advertise the products. Your brand should already be somewhat successful. It is either that, or having a website with decent traffic. Any of those could be used to maximize profit from affiliate marketing.

Teaching – Online Lessons or Courses

There are sites dedicated to making courses on just about everything. There are also companies which hire teachers to provide lessons for their students, remotely. Knowing a language is a start and knowing how to communicate with people is essential. If you are a social person, this could be a nice business to look into.

These are some of the cheapest businesses you could start at any point in time, provided that you apply yourself.