How To Create Secure Passwords for Your Business Accounts and Tools

Passwords are important today, many sites insist that you should use at least one number, some even ask for a symbol or capital letters. There is always a specific minimum and maximum number of characters which you must meet. This is for a good reason, as having compromised accounts can be problematic for the company, even more so because of the GDPR.

Imagine a casino operating in Europe, losing sensitive client information due to a bad password? Even though the customer would be at fault, it would still be a data breach and the casino would be fined.

This is just one reason why you should have better passwords, the other being that your data will be compromised, meaning that you might lose a lot of money. While that might not hurt an individual that much, it might hurt a business a lot more.

Here are ways you can create safe passwords for your devices and business.

Use Capital Letters

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The thing seems obvious, but most passwords are case-sensitive so using capital letters, and not just to capitalize a word, but spelling the entire word with random capital letters should make the password infinitely harder to crack. This does complicate your password a lot and typing it every time will be a drag, unless you decide to use a password manager, which might have its own benefits.

Use Numbers

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Capital letters are fine, but combine that with numbers, especially those which can replace a letter, like the letter s with a number 5 and you will have a formidable password. It gets even harder to remember that way, but you will get a secure profile.

Use Symbols

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This one should be self-explanatory as numbers and letters tend to be somewhat easier to guess than symbols, although if your password is 16 characters long, numbers and letters would do just fine. Symbols add an extra layer of protection. Use them as you see fit but try to stay within the context of being easy to remember.

Use Password Managers

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The problem with password managers is that they store all your passwords somewhere. Should their security measures be breached, you would be in a lot of trouble.

But, on the bright side, password managers have much better protection and security features than a low to medium size business has.

Use Two-Step Authentication

Passwords are nice but also a thing of the past. Two-step authentication almost always eliminates any sort of problem unless both your mobile phone or email password were also stolen.

In more realistic cases, if someone tries to log in to your account, finally having figured out your password, you would get the code, and an immediate notification of an unknown device trying to log in.

These are some ways which you could use to create a safer workspace, by making the passwords a living hell to remember and type. Your employees might not like it but their work and accounts will be safer.