Good Examples of Social Media Marketing

Marketing sells products and enables brands to succeed. Marketing is really important, especially if a product or service is really good. With the right marketing, any product can be sold and the very best of them will be sold out completely, in record time.

Social media networks are very good platforms for marketing and missing out on social media marketing means not showing your product or service to a lot of potential customers. Here are the best examples of how you should do social media marketing.

social 300x125 - Good Examples of Social Media Marketing


Peel is a company which sells phone covers. Why is that so special? Well, the way they advertise their products is far from what you would see as everyday advertisements. They have a great design team which makes these advertisements really beautiful. One of their better ads is of their brandless phone cover which you can find on Facebook.

smartphone 300x173 - Good Examples of Social Media MarketingGoing to their Instagram, you can see that they upload photos consistently and that the photos are captured by a person who has great skills. Yes, the photos have effects and filters on them but they are still amazing in their simplicity and showcasing the product. They are also very interactive with their fan base, which is about as much you can ask of any larger company.

Domino’s Pizza

This is a very popular pizza brand in the United States. They make pizzas but they also allow their customers to design their own pizzas and post them on social media. They introduced what is called the DOM The Pizza Bot which takes orders and does it in an entertaining way. They are very active on Twitter, and for a good reason, as they revolutionized the way you can order food, by using Twitter. Their activity on social media is just a perfect way of proper marketing.

General Electric

social networks video 300x197 - Good Examples of Social Media MarketingPeople think of home appliances when they think of General Electric. The thing is, they are not just a home appliance company. Being on the market for about 125 years, they learned to adapt and stay relevant. The fact that they are still around and relevant is amazing in itself, but when you realize that they use social media marketing properly, then you see that their business plans are solid.

Their area of specialty is video. Videos are important, especially on platforms like Facebook. General Electric uses this to show that they are one of the leading forces when it comes to innovation, and not just regarding home appliances. General Electric is involved in things like power, renewable energy, oil and gas and even healthcare. Showing your customers other sides of the company is important and General Electric does it well.

These are the best examples of online social media marketing, ones you could learn from.